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Huawei introduces AI-driven data center switch

Published on 18th January, 2019, 6:54 PM

Chinese telecom giant Huawei introduced a new data center switch powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) chip designed to improve performance and reduce latency to near zero. The new switch follows the announcement of a 64-core ARM server processor.

The CloudEngine 16800 series of data center switches use AI to improve network operations and also provide an underlying network foundation for companies to build new apps that utilize AI for network performance.

Huawei claims the CloudEngine 16800 is the first data center switch use an embedded AI chip, using the iLossless algorithm to implement auto-sensing and auto-optimization of the traffic model, thereby lowering latency and providing higher throughput based on zero packet loss.

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Why is Intel without a CEO after seven months?

Published on 15th January, 2019, 3:24 PM

Seven months ago, Intel got a blessing not in disguise when its CEO, Brian Krzanich, was forced out amid a sexual impropriety scandal. Since then, there has been near radio silence and not a hint of who could take the captain’s chair of this $50 billion ship.

It stands in stark contrast to the CEO search at Microsoft, where one outsider name after another came up in the press, only for the company to go with the internal candidate, Satya Nadella, and no one would dare say that was a bad choice.

Initially, the betting money was on Murthy Renduchintala, head of Intel's client group, to lead the company, but that talk has faded. The problem now, according to analysts I spoke with, is the board can’t make up its mind and the best people aren’t in the running.

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Intel announces new data center processors and more

Published on 10th January, 2019, 6:01 PM

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) may seem like an odd place to announce server processors, but Intel knows full well the eyes of the tech world are on the show. And what better place to corral a bunch of journalists?

First up was shipment of the new Xeon Scalable CPU, code-named Cascade Lake, featuring improved artificial intelligence (AI) and memory capabilities. Cascade Lake is the first to feature support to the company's Optane DC persistent memory and instruction set, called DL Boost, to facilitate AI-based deep learning (DL) inference.

Optane memory goes in the memory slots and has the persistence of flash but better performance. Think of it as a cache between the SSD and the main memory. It will also support multiple terabytes of memory per socket.

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