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Microsoft acquires cloud-based HPC developer

Published on 18th August, 2017, 3:19 PM

Microsoft pulled off a big get with its acquisition of Cycle Computing, the developer of a suite of high-performance computing (HPC) services called CycleCloud for cloud orchestration, provisioning and data management in the cloud.

You may not know its name but Cycle Computing is actually a major player. In 2012, it helped Amazon create the first massive cloud-based supercomputer, spanning 51,000 cores. For just one hour of run time, the bill was $5,000.

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In 2013, Cycle Computing hit its biggest cloud run, creating a cluster of 156,314 cores with a theoretical peak speed of 1.21 petaflops that ran for 18 hours and spanned Amazon data centers around the world. The bill for that monstrosity was $33,000. 

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Data center provider Equinix bets big on fuel cells

Published on 17th August, 2017, 8:27 PM

Data center provider Equinix is making a big bet on fuel cells to power its facilities by installing natural gas-powered fuel cells at 12 of its U.S. data centers. It’s part of a push for the firm to be 100% reliant on renewable fuels, and it could set an example for other data centers in power management.

Equinix uses fuel cells developed by Bloom Energy, a leader in the data center energy market that has been profiled by 60 Minutes and whose giant “batteries” are installed at data centers run by eBay, Apple, NTT, CenturyLink and Verizon.

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IDG Contributor Network: How to see the world more clearly through interconnection

Published on 16th August, 2017, 2:39 PM

Interconnection is the fuel of digital business, and organizations must understand its power if they hope to handle the global digital economy’s increasing demands. For such a pivotal business enabler, interconnection has long been tough to quantify. But new research from the company I work for, Equinix, does just that by looking at installed interconnection bandwidth capacity and projected growth. The Global Interconnection Index, published by Equinix and sourced from multiple analyst reports, is an industry-first look at how interconnection bandwidth is shaping and scaling the digital world. It aims to give digital business the insight needed to prepare for tomorrow. 

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