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UK retail sales surge as consumers shrug off Brexit fears - business live

Published on 23rd March, 2017, 1:53 PM

Retail sales rose by a stronger-than-expected 1.4% in February as UK consumers took Brexit and rising inflation in their stride

An update on Greece now, where it is hoped record tourism will provide a boost to the crisis-hit economy. The Guardian’s Helena Smith reports:

Greece’s largest carrier, Aegean Airlines, has reported a rise in passenger numbers despite a drop in profits. The record numbers visiting Greece were reflected in the airline’s figures, which showed that passengers grew 7% in 2016 to 12.5 million.

Trading is underway in the US and markets subdued ahead of the crucial vote on Trump’s controversial healthcare bill.

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London attack: Theresa May says Westminster assailant was British-born and known to MI5 – live

Published on 23rd March, 2017, 1:53 PM

Eight arrested in six counter-terrorism raids in Birmingham and London, with four confirmed dead in Westminster terror attack

The UN Security Council, which is being chaired by foreign secretary Boris Johnson, will observe a minute of silence at 2pm to mark the atrocity.

The Duchess of Cambridge has expressed her sympathy with the victims and injured of the Westminster attack.

I know you would all want to join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to all those sadly affected by yesterday’s terrible attack in Westminster.

We will be thinking of all the families, as we discuss the important issues we’re here to talk about.

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Humanitarian work is being blocked by bureaucracy

Published on 23rd March, 2017, 1:51 PM

South Sudan’s massive hike in the cost of work permits highlights a trend that those in need can ill afford

There is a growing trend around the world towards the use of bureaucratic rules and regulations to contain and control humanitarian access. Earlier this month we saw another example of this, when the government of South Sudan announced that they would be increasing the cost of a professional-level work permit for aid workers from £80–£8,000.

This is limiting our ability to give life-saving assistance. At a time of historic humanitarian need and limited resources, this is a policy trend that the people in need and those who work to help them can ill afford.

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